Today’s Headlines

  • GOP Warming Up to Obama’s Rail Proposal (The Hill)
  • Turmoil in Egypt Could Roil Oil Production (Politico)
  • GOP Hopes 2012 Elections Will Sink EPA’s Climate Regs (The Hill)
  • Texas Transportation Careens Toward Financial Crisis (AP)
  • Climate Change Already Taking a Toll on Alaska’s Roads (ADN)
  • Intelligent Cities: The Newest Antidote to Sprawl (USA Today)
  • What’s the Best Alternative to the Gas Tax? (DFP)
  • Rahm Emanuel Pledges to Expand Chicago’s Bike Paths (Sun-Times)
  • Tyson’s Corner: An Edge City That’s About to Sprout a Downtown (GGW)
  • Has Smart Growth’s Sputnik Moment Arrived? (HuffPo)

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