Today’s Headlines

  • President Expected to Unveil Transportation Proposal in Mid-February (AP, Bloomberg)
  • Congress Puts Transpo Reauthorization on the Front Burner (Journal of Commerce)
  • Business Likes Obama’s Infrastructure Push, Republicans Push-Back on Spending (WaPo, NYT)
  • NTSB Chair: “Safety Deferred is Safety Denied”, Saving Money Now Costs More Later (Transpo Nation)
  • Ray LaHood’s Battle Against Distracted Driving Isn’t Just About Cell Phones (NPR)
  • Milwaukee County Exec Asks Scott Walker to Approve Transit Tax (Journal-Sentinel)
  • Trains, Not Cars or Planes, Are a Public Good Deserving Public Funding (Grist)
  • Big Cities Aren’t Always Big Carbon Emitters, Especially If Transit is Good (AFP)
  • Atlanta Leaders Are Pushing State Officials to Form Regional Transit Commission (AJC)
  • Florida Governor Still Won’t Deliver a Verdict On High Speed Rail (TBO)

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