Today’s Headlines

  • Obama’s Expected to Call for Transpo Investment in SOTU; Senate GOP Expected to Oppose (NYT)
  • Lawmakers Hunt for New Revenue as Efficient Engines Make the Gas Tax Obsolete (NYT)
  • What’s the Worst Way to Tally Traffic Misery? (WaPo)
  • Enviros Press for State of the Union Love (The Hill)
  • Delays Likely for California High-Speed Rail (Fresno Bee)
  • Smart Growth Progress Gradual in Massachusetts (Globe)
  • Why Putting Transit Stops Near Highways Doesn’t Make Sense (Transport Politic)
  • Florida Taxpayers: You’re Not on the Hook for Rail Cost Overruns (Sentinel)
  • Will We Really Have a Transportation Reauthorization Bill By August? (DCVelocity)
  • Computer Programmer Develops Unique Subway Sonatas (Grist)

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