Today’s Headlines

  • Seniors, People of Color Say Livability Impacts Their Level of Physical Activity (Bike League)
  • New Study Analyzes Environmental Cost of Parking (IOP Science)
  • Nebraska Lawmaker Introduces Sales Tax Measure to Fund Highways (Land Line)
  • Court Won’t Budge on EPA’s Right to Issue GHG Permits, To Texas Gov’s Dismay (Alt Transport)
  • Colo. Pol Who Killed a Pregnant Woman In Her Car Still Wants to Work on Transpo Issues (Chronicle)
  • Public Transpo Shortage Answers the Question of School Choice (UpNorthLive)
  • Some Orange County Pols Question Wisdom of Building New Transit Center (LAT)
  • “Deep Travel” On Your Daily Commute: Exploring the Passenger Experience (Transpo Nation)
  • Obama’s Promise of an All-Electric White House Vehicle Fleet is Unfulfilled (Good)
  • A Car-Loving Urbanist’s New Year’s Resolution: Untangle Urbanism and Elitism (Minn Post)
  • NJ Gov. Christie’s Popularity is Growing, But Still Along Strict Party Lines (The Hill)
  • The New Best Completely Unnecessary Bike Ornament to Spice Up Your Commute (TreeHugger)

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