Today’s Headlines

  • City Infrastructure Projects Poised to Lose Millions if Earmarks Go the Way of the Dodo (USAPolitico)
  • Drugged-Up Drivers Involved in a Third of Highway Deaths (Transpo Nation)
  • Potential House Science Committee Chair Considers Global Warming a Fraud (Politico)
  • Cancun Beaches Threatened as Climate Talks Unfold (AP, Reuters)
  • NJ Gets $271 Million Bill From Feds for Aborted ARC Tunnel Work (AP)
  • Boston, New York Among the World’s Most Walkable Cities (Infrastructurist)
  • Commuter Transit Benefit on the Brink of Expiration (Fox)
  • Amtrak to Allow Guns on Board Most Trains (Sacramento Bee)
  • Bikes v. Electric Cars; Bikes v. Bikes (Atlantic, HuffPost)
  • Sarah Palin: Obesity a “God-Given” Right? (CBS)

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