Today’s Headlines

  • Congress Should Extend the Build America Bonds for Infrastructure, Says the Washington Post
  • FTA Could Withhold Further Transit Funding Until NJ Pays Back ARC Money (WSJ)
  • Can Los Angeles Become a Great Transit City? (NYT)
  • Suburbs to Blame For Urban Heat Island Effect (Switchboard)
  • GOP Plan to Block Omnibus Spending Bill Could Kill $2M in Republican Earmarks (The Hill)
  • The Vicious Cycle: DC Transit Fare Hikes Caused Revenues to Fall (WaPo)
  • A New Design for the Traffic Light Could Be the Next Intelligent Road Technology (Treehugger)
  • CO Republicans Look to Stop Transpo Projects and Bond Sale (Ventura County Star)
  • Rural WV Says Public Transportation Isn’t Just for Cityfolk (State Journal)
  • 14 Questions About Your Community, or, Enviros Don’t Get Walkability (Switchboard)

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  1. RE CO republicans look to stop…

    “state officials warned Monday that any last-minute changes could endanger the state’s credit rating.”

    Bupkis. Bond issues get moved and changed all the time; municipal bonds are notoriously opaque, and nobody in the market will bat an eye if they hear the deal got pulled. It probably won’t have an effect with the investment bank, either (here I think it’s RBS).

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