Happy Thanksgiving! And Take Our Survey!


Happy Thanksgiving! We at Streetsblog are thankful for your readership and your commitment to sustainable transportation and land use. We’ll be taking the long weekend off to enjoy our turkeys and tofurkys and the company of our loved ones. We hope you’ll be doing the same.

But first, would you do us a big favor and fill out our reader survey? It’ll take you five minutes, it has no trick questions, and it’s a huge help to us.

Thank you! We’ll see you Monday!


This Thanksgiving, Take Your Cue From These Turkeys

Before we take off for the Thanksgiving weekend, we wanted to leave you with this priceless moment in which wild turkeys stage a critical mass and block traffic in Staten Island. Who knew turkeys had such strong feelings about equal treatment for nonmotorized transportation? Note: Streetsblog does not condone the videographer’s pro-hunting zeal, nor do […]

Join Us for Happy Hour in DC Monday, December 9!

Please join us for a winter warmer happy hour at DC’s transportation-themed bar, The Passenger. Streetsblog Capitol Hill has long been jealous of the swanky soirees our compatriots up in New York City throw every year, and we got inspired to throw our very first shindig right here in DC! We look forward to seeing […]