Today’s Headlines

  • Hours After Election, Mica Suggests Dialing Back High Speed Rail, Even in His Home State (WaPo)
  • Transportation Lobbyists Will “Work With the Winners” (Finance & Commerce)
  • What’s on Congress’s To-Do List for the Lame Duck? All This Plus Transpo (AP)
  • What Tuesday’s Election Results Mean for Transportation (Transport Politic)
  • …And What They Mean for Bike Advocates (Bike Portland)
  • What Cyclists Lost When We Lost Oberstar (Bike Portland)
  • As Always, Texas Does It Just a Little Bit Bigger: GOP Wins “Doom” Transpo (Dallas Morning News)
  • El Nuevo Urbanismo — How Latinos Are Combating Sprawl in the Sunbelt Southwest (CityFix)
  • Will Anti-Debt, Anti-Spending Sentiment Make Infrastructure Investment Impossible? (Transpo Nation)
  • Follow Britain’s Lead: Cut Spending, But Not on Infrastructure (Infrastructurist)
  • Wisconsin Governor-Elect Pledges to Keep Campaign Promise, Stop High Speed Rail (Daily Reporter)
  • Ditto for Ohio (

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