Today’s Headlines

  • There’s a Lot at Stake for High Speed Rail in Today’s Elections (Infrastructurist)
  • Transit Races to Watch Across the Country (Transpo Nation)
  • High Speed Rail Needs to be More than Just Roadkill for Republicans (Boston Globe)
  • Tragedy Doesn’t Prove That the FTA Should Regulate Transit (GGW)
  • Hospitals Get Behind Active Transportation (Bike Portland)
  • Why Having Kids Doesn’t Mean You Need to Buy a Car (Grist)
  • Can China Grow Smartly and Sustainably, Or Are Pollution and Sprawl Inevitable? (Reuters)
  • Washington Supreme Court Ruling on Water Speculation Will Cause Sprawl (Common Dreams)
  • Seattle Transit System Braces, Strategizes for Another Snowy Winter (Seattle Times)
  • Bay Area Bus Budget Gets Slashed (SJ Mercury)
  • Will Mayor Daley’s Pro-Bike Legacy Outlive His Term? (Chicago Sun-Times)

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