Today’s Headlines

  • ARC Aftermath: What to Do with $47 Million of Land? (
  • Public Supportive, but LaHood Irked About ARC Cancellation (, Bloomberg)
  • Amtrak Invests in a New Generation of Locomotives (WaPo)
  • Transportation Costs Emerge as Key Election Issue (Wired)
  • EPA Girds for Attacks on Climate Science (LAT)
  • Cars Ownership Losing its Luster Among Young Adults (Human Transit)
  • New York Gubernatorial Candidates on Transportation (Transpo Nation, TSTC)
  • Tampa Considers Tax to Raise Funds for Mass Transit (Transpo Nation)
  • DC: An Emerging Leader in Sustainable Transportation (GGW)
  • St. Paul Mulls Bike Sharing System (AP)

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