Today’s Headlines

  • ARC Tunnel on the Verge of Dying a Second Death (AP, WSJ)
  • Michigan, California, Florida, Virginia Reel in High-Speed Rail Money (AP)
  • Meanwhile, Palo Alto Says “No Thanks” to Rail Funds (Transpo Nation)
  • Amtrak Plans New Iowa City to Chicago Route (Trib)
  • Several House Races Could Hinge on Candidates’ Cap-and-Trade Stance (LAT)
  • A Lesson About Infrastructure Spending From the UK? (TNR)
  • A Look at the Transportation Conversation in Missouri (Missourian)
  • Watch China Surging Ahead of the United States in the Realm of High-Speed Rail (WSJ)
  • Los Angeles: Glorified Sprawl or Great American City? (Good)
  • No Go For Rally to Restore Sanity Bike Valet (TBD)
  • Doug

    So the “conversation” in Missouri is which highways to widen without having to pay for it? The surprising thing is actually how incredibly anecdotal the approach is: most of the quotes refer to pet projects justified by “I know a guy who said” or “someone that something happened to” or whatever. How about generating some data?

    More appalling is that infrastructure can be funded by “bonds”. Bonds don’t fund anything: they need to be backed up by a revenue stream or the general obligation of the state. So, instituting tolls or a tax increase are the real ways those projects get funded; they will almost always need a bond issue to get the money today what would otherwise take several years to build up.