Today’s Headlines

  • How Will Energy Czar Browner Use Her Growing Clout? (Politico)
  • Tom Friedman Asks: Where’s America’s Moonshot to Achieve Energy Independence? (NYT)
  • GOP Takeover Could Threaten High-Speed Rail Plans (Transport Politic)
  • LA and Beijing Partner to Seek Traffic Solutions (AP)
  • Polls Show Why Brown, Crist’s Constituents Should Embrace Climate Action (Clean Technica)
  • Why Is the Public So Reluctant to Pay for Transportation? (Transpo Nation)
  • San Francisco Envisions a Less Car-Centric Future (Grist)
  • NTSB Official: We Need to Get Serious About the Dangers of Fatigue on the Roads (WaPo)
  • New Map Offers a Global View of Fine Air Pollution (WSJ)
  • LaHood: Let’s End the Deadly Epidemic of Distracted Driving (Fastlane)

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