Today’s Headlines

  • Hill Staff Got Messages From America’s Stranded Transit Riders Yesterday (Hill)
  • High-Speed Rail Plans Face Fierce Resistance From Freight Rail Companies (WSJ)
  • Siemens: American Orders for Transit Vehicles Are Soft (WSJ)
  • Murkowski Will Keep Her Senate Energy Position After All (Hill)
  • America’s Roads Have Seen Better Days (USA Today)
  • Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Turn Up During Virginia DOT Audit (WaPo)
  • Around the Nation, the Steady Drip of Oil Spills Continue (TNR)
  • Bid for Business Travelers Pushes Bus Quality Up a Notch (USA Today)
  • Study: Sprawl Takes a Bite Out of Genetic Diversity (Union Tribune)
  • Bubba Turns His Attention to Climate-Disrupting Emissions (AltTransport)
  • Cars Still Abound During Car Free Day (Moscow News,  China Digital Times, Gazette)

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