Today’s Headlines

  • Rendell: Dems Should Pass Surface Transportation Bill Before Midterms (The Hill)
  • Bush DOT Chief: Obama Admin Focusing on "Nice-to-Do Things," Not "Need to Do" (Transpo Nation)
  • Enviro Advocates Reckon With Tough Climate Politics (WaPo)
  • Federal Rail Administration Has Its Hands Full With High-Speed Rail (NYT)
  • Midwest Legislators Want Bullet Trains to Go at Least 150 MPH (Chicago Tribune)
  • Wisconsin GOP Gov Contenders Debate How Not to Spend Federal Rail Grant (Journal-Sentinel)
  • Who Doesn’t Like the Freight Act? The Trucking Lobby (Supply Chain Brain)
  • Is DC Mayor Fenty a Smart Growth Advocate in Name Only? (GGW)
  • World’s Leading Climate Change Panel Need Reform, Panel Finds (Scientific Am, Ars Technica)
  • Feds Pitch Fuel Efficiency Grades for Car Stickers (AP)
  • Apps Make Using Transit a Snap (USA Today)

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