Today’s Headlines

  • Huge Underwater Oil Plume Lingers in Gulf (WaPo
  • Costs of Axing Pittsburgh Port Authority Transit Will Outweigh Savings (Post-Gazette)
  • Study: Sprawl Worsens Flooding (UPI)
  • Alaska and Its Highways Have Perfected the Art of Living Off Government Largess (NYT)
  • Daley Wants Express Train to O’Hare (Trib
  • Obesity: Major Problem for Military Recruiters; Number One Threat Facing Kids (ABC NewsTrib
  • Ohio Calls for Less Stringent Weight Rules for Trucks (AP)
  • Disability Advocates Sue Over MTA Service Cuts (Disabled World)
  • Phew, LaHood Would Rather Talk Distracted Driving Than Mosque Placement (Journal Star
  • Colorado GOP to Maes: You’re Embarrassing (Wonkette)
  • Does America Pave Too Many of Its Roads? (Slate

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