Today’s Headlines

  • LaHood hails Canada’s offer to help pay for a new bridge link between its southern border and Detroit (Det. News)
  • Feds release new guide to bike commuting implementation (LAB Blog)
  • Voinovich lobbies his local regional planning organization for a gas tax hike to fund new federal transport bill (Biz Courier)
  • Felix Salmon profiles transport wonk and Streetsblog NYC contributor Charles Komanoff (Wired)
  • Austin, Texas, sees its federal payment under the infrastructure-centric Build America Bonds program temporarily withheld by the IRS (Bloomberg)
  • How Portland, Oregon, sold local banks on walkable development (Streetsblog NYC)
  • San Jose airport planners consider personal rapid transit "pods" for local airport (Merc News)
  • 50 years later, Wisconsin state DOT apologizes to Indian tribe for demolishing one of their cemeteries (AP)
  • Memphis city council scraps funding for proposed light rail link between downtown, airport (Comm. Appeal)
  • In South Africa, a transportation strike is hobbling small-scale agriculture (WSJ)


Introducing the Streetsblog Network

We’ve just launched our shiny new transportation-policy blog network, and we’re pretty darn excited. You can find out why by clicking here. Streetsblog Network ( brings together more than 100 blogs from 31 states — and counting. Its purpose is twofold: to create a place where people who blog on smart growth, livable streets and […]

Oberstar’s Transportation Bill: Download it in Full

House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Jim Oberstar’s (D-MN) new federal bill, which he previewed Wednesday despite pushback from the Obama administration, is officially out. You can download the 775-page legislative text right here, thanks to Transportation for America. Streetsblog Capitol Hill is thumbing through it right now to provide highlights later today.

Welcome to Streetsblog Capitol Hill

When was the last time you read a good article on transportation policy-making in Washington? Have you ever wished that the D.C. media could do a better job of mapping the political landscape that keeps transit under-funded and new road projects flush with federal cash? If you had trouble answering the first question or answered […]

Streetsblog Q&A: Bush DOT Chief Backs Transport Tech Funding

Former Transportation Secretary Mary Peters, who served for eight years in George W. Bush’s DOT, sat down with Streetsblog Capitol Hill yesterday to urge that Congress add a dedicated funding stream of $1 billion each year for transportation technology to the next long-term infrastructure bill. Since leaving office, Peters has transitioned to private consulting work […]