Today’s Headlines

  • LaHood brings his anti-distracted driving campaign to the United Nations today (WaPo Blogs)
  • Lingering threat of ash clouds in Europe is giving a long-term boost to rail (Bloomberg)
  • Murray, the Senate’s chief appropriator for the U.S. DOT, urges Obama to use Mexican president’s visit to help resolve cross-border trucking dispute (The Trucker)
  • Conservative think tank attaches "gas tax" label to White House proposal for higher oil liability fees in wake of Gulf Coast spill (Heritage Blog)
  • The case against the federal government’s transit benefit (GGW)
  • Grist’s David Roberts makes the case for the Senate climate bill
  • Maryland kicks off its largest transport stimulus project, a $25m bridge replacement (O’Malley Press)


Scandalous Video: Obama Talks Sense About Road Building

You all excited to watch the presidential debate tonight? Here’s a glimpse back to 2007, when the old Barack Obama was getting us all hyped up on a sugar rush of hope and change. Check out this video, care of the conservative Daily Caller, which is making a lot of hay about some racially-charged remarks Obama […]

Drawing Ideas From Reformers, Obama Gets Behind 6-Year Transpo Plan

President Obama told reporters today that he’s committed to a six-year plan to rebuild 150,000 miles of roads, lay and maintain 4,000 miles of railways, restore 150 miles of runways, and create a national infrastructure bank. He made his remarks after meeting with Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, former Secretaries Samuel Skinner and Norman Mineta, L.A. […]

Not a Word About Transit in Obama Jobs Plan

President Obama released a blueprint for his second term yesterday, a 20-page booklet focused on job creation [PDF]. Let’s be clear: This came from his campaign machine, not the White House. In the booklet, called “The New Economic Patriotism: A Plan For Jobs and Middle-Class Security,” Obama touts his success at keeping the American auto […]

President Obama Signs Transportation Extension

The House passed it 421-4, the Senate passed by voice vote, and now President Obama has signed the Surface Transportation Extension Act. The entire transportation program would have gone silent today if he hadn’t, since the previous extension was to expire. Transportation officials welcomed the news, saying the extension would allow construction projects to move […]