Today’s Headlines

  • LaHood brings his anti-distracted driving campaign to the United Nations today (WaPo Blogs)
  • Lingering threat of ash clouds in Europe is giving a long-term boost to rail (Bloomberg)
  • Murray, the Senate’s chief appropriator for the U.S. DOT, urges Obama to use Mexican president’s visit to help resolve cross-border trucking dispute (The Trucker)
  • Conservative think tank attaches "gas tax" label to White House proposal for higher oil liability fees in wake of Gulf Coast spill (Heritage Blog)
  • The case against the federal government’s transit benefit (GGW)
  • Grist’s David Roberts makes the case for the Senate climate bill
  • Maryland kicks off its largest transport stimulus project, a $25m bridge replacement (O’Malley Press)


Scandalous Video: Obama Talks Sense About Road Building

You all excited to watch the presidential debate tonight? Here’s a glimpse back to 2007, when the old Barack Obama was getting us all hyped up on a sugar rush of hope and change. Check out this video, care of the conservative Daily Caller, which is making a lot of hay about some racially-charged remarks Obama […]

Not a Word About Transit in Obama Jobs Plan

President Obama released a blueprint for his second term yesterday, a 20-page booklet focused on job creation [PDF]. Let’s be clear: This came from his campaign machine, not the White House. In the booklet, called “The New Economic Patriotism: A Plan For Jobs and Middle-Class Security,” Obama touts his success at keeping the American auto […]

Drawing Ideas From Reformers, Obama Gets Behind 6-Year Transpo Plan

President Obama told reporters today that he’s committed to a six-year plan to rebuild 150,000 miles of roads, lay and maintain 4,000 miles of railways, restore 150 miles of runways, and create a national infrastructure bank. He made his remarks after meeting with Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, former Secretaries Samuel Skinner and Norman Mineta, L.A. […]

Obama Endorses Pricing as “Thoughtful and Innovative”

Last month Barack Obama released details of a vaguely encouraging transportation platform, pledging investment in rail and "livable communities." Today the Democratic presidential candidate endorsed congestion pricing. In town for a speech and fundraising events, Obama was introduced at Cooper Union by Mayor Bloomberg this morning. WNYC reports: Speaking not far from Wall Street, Barack […]