Today’s Headlines

  • Is the recession really easing? Not for many transport and construction companies (Reuters)
  • LaHood cruises on mag-lev train during visit to Japan (AP, Bloomberg)
  • A look at the local ramifications of the auto-bike culture clash (CNN)
  • Debate erupts in D.C. after transit union calls for 40mph maximum speeds on local rail, citing safety concerns (WashPost Blogs)
  • NYC mayor travels to London to view its transit security systems, including closed-circuit cameras (AP)
  • Elena Kagan, livable streets scion? New Supreme Court nominee’s father helped kill urban superhighway as a member of a Manhattan community board (Village Voice, NYT)
  • Smart-growth campaigning heats up in the New York state capital (Streetsblog NYC)
  • Dallas transit agency prepares for some serious budget-cutting and belt-tightening (Morn News)


Where’s the National Business Voice for Transit?

At the local level, business has been a key force in cementing transit victories. But at a national level, the business voice has been largely absent from heated, high-stakes debates about transit. With a new report called “Bosses For Buses,” Good Jobs First investigates the disparity between local- and national-level organizing efforts by employers. In […]