Today’s Headlines

  • Conservatives anxiously eyeing LaHood’s next move at U.S. DOT (Amer. Spectator)
  • Transit equity advocates painting giant red "X" on Atlanta rail cars today to protest service cuts (Creative Loafing)
  • Portland gets $2.4m grant from feds to work on new, overhead wire-free streetcar technology (Prog. RR’ing)
  • A favorable profile of Shai Agassi, the Israeli businessman working on electric-car charging infrastructure (CNN)
  • Company finds success converting natural gas into diesel fuel for buses (NYT Blogs)
  • Yonah Freemark asks if the feds would know how to spend a dedicated stream of high-speed rail funding (Transport Politic)
  • FedEx and Teamsters’ battle over union organizing could affect package transportation (WSJ)