Today’s Headlines

  • Erupting volcano continues to snarl flights, hobble infrastructure in Europe … (NYT)
  • … as even the most famous travelers seek road and rail alternatives (WSJ)
  • LaHood to attend Mississippi River bridge groundbreaking today (News-Dem)
  • Toyota’s dilemma: Fight the U.S. DOT or pay up (USAT)
  • In the nation’s capital, a great streetcar debate rages on (WaPo)
  • Local editorial board backs Michigan’s move to create a regional transit authority (Free Press)
  • High-speed rail "whistle-stop tour" continues in upstate New York (Fox 23 News)
  • A positive review of Baltimore’s new free downtown circulator bus (B. Sun)


Behind the ‘Bridge in a Backpack’ That Could Go National

Students at the AEWC, with a piece of composite "bridge in a backpack" cable in the background. (Photo: Bangor Daily News) It sounds like the start of a wonky transportation joke: Have you ever crossed a "bridge in a backpack"? Residents of Pittsfield, Maine, are doing so every day, and the concept could eventually be […]

Vancouver Gives a Bridge Lane to Bikes

New York isn’t the only city that’s experimenting with closing roads to improve traffic and create better conditions for pedestrians and cyclists. Today, from Streetsblog Network member Human Transit, we hear of a bridge in Vancouver where a lane of car traffic has been given over to cyclists: Happy cyclists coming off the Burrard Bridge […]