Today’s Headlines

  • Erupting volcano continues to snarl flights, hobble infrastructure in Europe … (NYT)
  • … as even the most famous travelers seek road and rail alternatives (WSJ)
  • LaHood to attend Mississippi River bridge groundbreaking today (News-Dem)
  • Toyota’s dilemma: Fight the U.S. DOT or pay up (USAT)
  • In the nation’s capital, a great streetcar debate rages on (WaPo)
  • Local editorial board backs Michigan’s move to create a regional transit authority (Free Press)
  • High-speed rail "whistle-stop tour" continues in upstate New York (Fox 23 News)
  • A positive review of Baltimore’s new free downtown circulator bus (B. Sun)


The Ryan Budget: Doing the Same Thing, Expecting a Different Result

The House GOP had its big moment earlier this week. Amidst skyrocketing oil prices, deteriorating infrastructure and slumping transportation budgets, Republicans had their chance to lay out a bold new policy framework to help America recover from a brutal recession and reaffirm its place as a world leader. Instead, as we reported yesterday, Paul Ryan’s […]

Chicago Commuter Rail Spends Big on Trucking

Chicago’s commuter rail agency will be raising this bridge to help trucks pass underneath, relying exclusively on transit funding. Photo: The Urbanophile Transit funding these days is, needless to say, scarce. Across the country, transit agencies are slashing services to cope with the gaping fiscal holes left by the recession. More than ever, every dollar […]