Today’s Headlines

  • Passage of new sales tax to fund transit sparking recriminations among St. Louis tea partyers (Post-Dispatch)
  • U.S. DOT pledges $200 million for the cross-Hudson River transit tunnel (Star-Ledger)
  • … as its members return to Washington for a make-or-break attempt at climate legislating in the Senate (The Hill Blog)
  • Pennsylvania state GOP lawmaker proposes a package of solutions to close the transport funding gap opened by the federal rejection of new tolls on I-80 (Prog. RR’ing)
  • L.A. transit agency strikes deal to install natural gas fueling stations for buses (CEFC Press)


How Much Operating Aid is Your Local Transit Agency Getting?

President Obama has signed into law a $106 billion war funding bill that includes a provision allowing local transit agencies to spend 10 percent of their stimulus money on operating costs. That sounds good … but how much money are we actually talking about? According to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA): St. Louis’ Metro system […]

The Good Problem With Housing Near Transit: It’s Almost Too Popular

Local officials are catching on to the power of transit-oriented development to transform quality of life while decreasing congestion, as my colleague Ryan Avent has explored. But now that the federal government is starting to explore how to expand transit-accessible housing, an intriguing problem is arising: it’s almost too popular. Transit-oriented development in Jersey City, […]

Does Transit-Oriented Development Work Even Without Transit?

Yes, says urban planner Neil Payton. From his guest column today on Reconnecting America’s blog: Denver’s light rail, in the background, ended up increasing the value of nearby homes. (Photo: Denver Post) Either [local planners] view [transit access] as too distant a possibility to factor in or, ironically, they view rail transit as a means […]