Today’s Headlines

  • Passage of new sales tax to fund transit sparking recriminations among St. Louis tea partyers (Post-Dispatch)
  • U.S. DOT pledges $200 million for the cross-Hudson River transit tunnel (Star-Ledger)
  • … as its members return to Washington for a make-or-break attempt at climate legislating in the Senate (The Hill Blog)
  • Pennsylvania state GOP lawmaker proposes a package of solutions to close the transport funding gap opened by the federal rejection of new tolls on I-80 (Prog. RR’ing)
  • L.A. transit agency strikes deal to install natural gas fueling stations for buses (CEFC Press)


Where’s the National Business Voice for Transit?

At the local level, business has been a key force in cementing transit victories. But at a national level, the business voice has been largely absent from heated, high-stakes debates about transit. With a new report called “Bosses For Buses,” Good Jobs First investigates the disparity between local- and national-level organizing efforts by employers. In […]