Today’s Headlines

  • Transportation planner and engineer Dan Burden talks walkable design (Streetsblog NYC)
  • California high-speed rail could be built, and partly funded by, Beijing (NYT)
  • A must-read from Paul Krugman on the economics of environmental regulation (NYT)
  • Syndicated columnist Joe Conason: Without major new push to rebuild infrastructure, "the American future looks dim" (Star-News)
  • New Jersey Transit seeks to "modify" its proposed fare hike after riders rebel (
  • Community advocates mark the 75th anniversary of FDR’s Works Progress Administration by lobbying for congressional passage of legislation directly aiding metro-area governments with economic recovery (HuffPo)
  • Mississippi towns embrace complete streets (Grist)
  • Minnesota braces for busy construction season, including highway expansions (MPR)


Streetsblog Commenters, Unite!

Regular readers will notice something new and different across all our sites starting today. Currently, some of the posts you see on the local Streetsblog sites — New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Capitol Hill — actually originated on a different Streetsblog site and are being syndicated. Starting today, you’ll see a little icon, […]

Welcome to Streetsblog Capitol Hill

When was the last time you read a good article on transportation policy-making in Washington? Have you ever wished that the D.C. media could do a better job of mapping the political landscape that keeps transit under-funded and new road projects flush with federal cash? If you had trouble answering the first question or answered […]