Today’s Headlines

  • Feds seek maximum penalty of $16 million from Toyota for failing to act on defective gas pedals (AP)
  • Q&A with LaHood on non-binding complete streets announcement, which he defends as a "game changer" (NYT Blogs)
  • Housing & Urban Development Secretary vows to "put the UD back into HUD" (Observer)
  • Resources for the Future analyst: EPA underestimated the "rebound effect" of new fuel-efficiency standards, which can’t stand in for broader carbon pricing (Prog. Fix)
  • New poll: 61 percent of Tea Party aficionados believe infrastructure spending creates jobs (The Hill)
  • Montana governor asks local planners to publicly hail the use of coal-industry lease money for road projects (NYT Blogs)
  • U.S. DOT awards $25 million in grants to expand transit networks in parks (FTA Press)
  • Despite recent high-profile cases, pedestrian deaths along rail tracks remaining steady (USAT)
  • Arizona seeks feedback from locals before starting to enact transit cuts (Republic)
  • Boston mulling a year-round rail stop near Patriots’ football stadium (Globe)