Today’s Headlines

  • An elegant demolishing of the conservative analyst who testified before Oberstar’s committee last week on her study claiming a Democratic bias in federal stimulus spending (Five Thirty Eight)
  • The financial and safety struggles of D.C.’s Metro system could jeopardize its future federal funding (WashPost)
  • Dem leader of Virginia’s state Senate warns that transportation is "not going to get one penny" from drilling off the state’s coastline under GOP Gov. McDonnell (WaPo Blogs)
  • The populous Atlanta suburb of Clayton County is losing transit service — all of it (LAT)
  • LaHood doesn’t like what he sees in a new Ford ad and calls up the company’s CEO for a chat about distracted driving (Wash. Whispers)
  • Political battles over Wisconsin high-speed rail heating up … (Biz

(ed. note. Streetsblog Capitol Hill will be dark for the rest of today for Good Friday. See you back here on Monday!)


Who Would Benefit From Eliminating the Federal Gas Tax?

We wrote recently on Streetsblog Capitol Hill about a proposal by Republican members of Congress to eliminate the federal gas tax and turn transportation funding entirely over to the states. This proposal — “devolution,” it’s called — has been a conservative dream for decades. Transportation reformers tend to hate the idea because state DOTs on […]

Proposed Federal Transit Safety Regs Under Scrutiny From House Panel

In June 2009, a fatal crash on the D.C. Metro prompted federal lawmakers to consider adding a new layer of transit safety oversight. Senator Barbara Mikulski, a Maryland Democrat, introduced the National Metro Safety Act of 2009 to establish national safety standards for transit systems. It was never enacted, but it certainly raised the issue’s profile, and Transportation […]

Shuster Pre-empts Devolutionists With Defense of Federal Role

New House Transportation Committee Chair Bill Shuster (R-PA) clearly knows he’s got some devolutionist conservatives in his caucus (and on his committee). While many Republicans would like to see the federal government get out of the business of infrastructure and just let the states raise and spend their own money, Shuster has always been clear […]

Federal Government Offers a Helping Hand to Six Struggling Cities

In a move to help buoy crisis-stricken cities, the Obama Administration this week introduced a program designed to provide administrative support to help local government officials “cut through the red tape” and access urgent federal assistance. “Strong Cities, Strong Communities” will offer expert technical support — but not additional funding — in the areas of […]

House GOP Won’t Let Transit-Oriented Development Get Federal TIFIA Loans

House Republicans introduced a six-year transportation bill this week, and while it’s not the utter disaster that past GOP proposals have been, advocates for smarter federal transportation policy are playing defense. Today, the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee marked up the new bill. About 150 amendments were introduced, according to Transportation for America. All but a few […]