Today’s Headlines

phpThumb.jpg(Image: Purdue University via Grist)
  • Above is a map tracking where CO2 emissions from fossil fuels are originating — distressing news for cities? (Grist)
  • While Virginia seeks emergency aid from the feds for its snow-removal costs, the state DOT finds room in "emergency" funds to reopen shuttered highway rest stops (McDonnell Press)
  • Could high-speed rail foster new suburban sprawl? (Wired)
  • Another redirected Nevada transportation earmark: $45 million for a defunct "maglev" train will now go towards an airport road project (LV Sun)
  • Missouri’s state DOT, facing a budget crunch, forced to take a "fix-it-first" approach rather than adding new highway lanes (Daily Guide)
  • Idaho planners tackle the linguistic choice between "transit" and "public transportation" (Boise Weekly)


McCain’s Transit Hit List: Get the Details

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), a self-styled foe of what he labels wasteful government spending, has launched a broadside against transit projects in the U.S. DOT’s 2010 spending bill, which is slated for a vote this week in the upper chamber of Congress. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) (Photo: Scrape TV) McCain had proposed more than 20 […]

Today’s Headlines

Politico sits down with LaHood for a lengthy interview on distracted driving … … as the U.S. DOT chief kicks off a campaign to get more women involved in transport careers (Prog. RR’ing) Obama to order the start of work on a post-2017 round of auto fuel efficiency standards (Free Press) House GOP’s earmark moratorium […]

Report: After MN Collapse, Bridge Repair Got Just 11% of D.C. Earmarks

In the wake of the 2007 collapse of Minnesota’s I-35 bridge, Washington policymakers vowed a renewed focus on repairing the nation’s aging infrastructure. But weeks after the fatal collapse, Congress approved a transportation spending bill with 704 earmarked projects, at a total cost topping $570 million — and just 11 percent of those earmarks went […]