Today’s Headlines

  • Senate to vote today on final approval of jobs bill that extends the 2005 transportation law until 2011 (
  • Oberstar floats the idea of a taxpayer loan to the highway trust fund to pay for the next long-term federal transport bill (DC Velocity)
  • A look at Pittsburgh’s efforts to join the urban sustainability vanguard (Post-Gazette)
  • Conservative group runs ads blasting suburban Wisconsin lawmakers for supporting rail (J-S Online)
  • Chinese and Japanese companies join the bidding war for a piece of Florida’s future high-speed rail line … (Bloomberg)
  • … while Spain is quickly warming to its new bullet train network (NYT)
  • The Toyota scandal is shining a new spotlight on LaHood’s role in auto safety (WSJ)
  • Glaeser wonders: Does Detroit have to get literally smaller in order to be figuratively bigger? (NYT)
  • Minnesota Gov. Pawlenty uses veto to cut rural projects from large state public-works bill (Pioneer)
  • Houston mayor asks transit officials to hold off on major moves as she seeks federal help with a plan for five new light-rail lines (Chronicle)


Transit Industry to Join State DOTs in Blasting Senate Climate Bill

The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) is set to join the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and two construction interests tomorrow in protesting the Senate climate bill’s proposed diversion of new fuel fees away from infrastructure — an argument that puts the transit industry’s leading D.C. lobbying group squarely in the […]

Six Northeast Republicans Join Nadler, Oppose Boehner’s Attack on Transit

The House GOP bill, drafted with significant input from Speaker John Boehner’s office, would eliminate mass transit’s dedicated funding stream, first signed into law by Ronald Reagan in 1982. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, a former House Republican, has called it “the worst transportation bill I’ve ever seen during 35 years of public service.” Some congressional […]

Road and Transit Groups Join Boxer to Push for Senate Jobs Bill

Representatives from Washington’s road and transit lobbies joined Senate environment committee chairman Barbara Boxer (D-CA) today to call for swift passage of job-creation legislation that is slated for a vote in the upper chamber of Congress on Monday. Senate environment committee chairman Barbara Boxer (D-CA) (Photo: AP) Faced with the prospects of a GOP filibuster, […]

EPW Wraps Up Bipartisan Negotiations

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee just sent out its outline of their transportation reauthorization bill (which many of us found online hours ago.) In the statement, Ranking Republican James Inhofe (R-OK) said: Today I am pleased join Senator Boxer to announce that we have completed bipartisan negotiations on the highway policies that will be […]

U.S. DOT Spells Out Priorities For Conference Bill

Hint to lonely hearts everywhere: If you’re looking for some correspondence, join the transportation conference committee. Those folks are getting a lot of mail these days. Everyone from the petrochemical industry to environmental and equity groups [PDF] to state DOT officials [PDF] are penning their missives to committee members, asking for everything from expedited project delivery […]

Urge Congress to Support Amtrak and Passenger Rail

Here’s a great way to support transit before we head in to another traffic-snarled Memorial Day weekend. H.R. 6003, the Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act, is currently in need of co-sponsors in the House (a version has already passed the Senate). The bill "authorizes Amtrak for the five years Fiscal 2008-2012, provides for capital […]