Today’s Headlines

  • A nifty new video on Portland’s diverse transportation — see above for more (Fast Company via Grist)
  • A full-length look at the Obama administration’s Partnership for Sustainable Communities (Grist)
  • New study ranks the most congested cities, and intersections, in the nation (USAT)
  • LaHood’s office promises to help Connecticut apply for future rounds of high-speed rail and other transportation grants after the state was shut out of TIGER (CT Mirror)
  • GM fails to sell Hummer to the Chinese, dealing the final blow to the infamous brand (AP)
  • L.A. mayor seeks federal bridge loan to help build the city’s proposed "Subway by the Sea" (KPCC)
  • New study puts a number on the household savings achievable in the nation’s seven "high-quality" transit cities (Streetsblog NYC)


Grist: NYC is Not One of the World’s Greenest Cities

Grist recently produced a list of the world’s 15 greenest cities. Streetsblog favorites Copenhagen, Curitiba, London, and Bogotá all made the grade. StreetFilms’ posterchild Portland captured the number two spot right behind geothermal-powered Reykjavik, Iceland. San Francisco and Austin were the only other U.S. cities to make the list with Chicago meriting runner-up status. One […]

Did Team Obama Gut Transit Funds From the Stimulus Package?

Reporting on last week’s stimulus letdown — when a proposal by US Rep. James Oberstar’s Transportation and Infrastructure Committee for $17 billion in mass transit spending was slashed by the Appropriations Committee, while $30 billion in proposed allocations for roads and bridges remained the same — Grist got word that the then-incoming Obama administration may […]

Dingell Wanes as Waxman Takes Over Energy and Commerce

One of the major, Eisenhower-era obstacles to fuel efficiency, automaker reform and meaningful climate change legislation is finally out of the way. The Democratic caucus has ousted Michigan Rep. John Dingell as chair of the House Energy and Commerce committee. He’ll be replaced by California Rep. Henry Waxman. Amen.  Grist, TPM and Politico have the […]