Today’s Headlines

  • A nifty new video on Portland’s diverse transportation — see above for more (Fast Company via Grist)
  • A full-length look at the Obama administration’s Partnership for Sustainable Communities (Grist)
  • New study ranks the most congested cities, and intersections, in the nation (USAT)
  • LaHood’s office promises to help Connecticut apply for future rounds of high-speed rail and other transportation grants after the state was shut out of TIGER (CT Mirror)
  • GM fails to sell Hummer to the Chinese, dealing the final blow to the infamous brand (AP)
  • L.A. mayor seeks federal bridge loan to help build the city’s proposed "Subway by the Sea" (KPCC)
  • New study puts a number on the household savings achievable in the nation’s seven "high-quality" transit cities (Streetsblog NYC)