Today’s Headlines

  • The White House didn’t discriminate between GOP and Democratic governors in its high-speed rail spending … but it did hit the congressional politics on the nose (Greenwire)
  • An examination of the future of urban transportation, through the lens of Vanderbilt’s Traffic (A. Prospect)
  • Could light rail come to Arkansas? (AR Times)
  • EPA air-quality official says an intervention by the White House budget office ultimately improved new pollution control rules (Wonk Room)
  • Armed officers patrolling Seattle transit tunnel after teen girl’s brutal beating makes national news (KIRO-TV)
  • Is privatization of transportation assets inherently bad, or just frequently botched? (GGW)

(ed. note. Streetsblog Capitol Hill will not publish today, in observance of the Presidents’ Day holiday. See you back here tomorrow.)


32 Rail Companies Commit to Expanding in U.S. Under High-Speed Rail Plan

As the Obama administration and Congress keep a close eye on jobless numbers and the shrinking American manufacturing base, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said today that 32 rail companies that have promised to expand U.S. operations if they are chosen to help states build high-speed train networks. Transportation Secretary LaHood, at left, toured the Spanish […]

Expectations for High-Speed Rail Coming Down to Earth

Three months after the Obama administration announced the first winners of what it hopes will be the first of many federal grants to build U.S. high-speed rail networks, advocates and planners are settling in for a long battle to surmount the obstacles and unknowns that stand in the way of long-term bullet train development. If […]

Conservative Tea Party Movement Targets Florida Rail Plan

The conservative "tea party" movement, last seen complaining about the government-funded local transit system that they took during an anti-government march in Washington D.C, is veering back to form in Florida with an organized protest against the state’s proposal for broad new investments in rail transit. The "Tea Party" is now a registered political party […]

Michigan’s Looking Good in the High-Speed Rail Chase

Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) is a powerful advocate for high-speed rail funding. (Photo: Listings Foreclosures) During an appearance in Michigan today to promote the Obama administration’s economic recovery efforts, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood made a potentially prescient prediction about the regions vying for federal help to build inter-city high-speed rail. Per the Detroit News, […]