Today’s Headlines

x2_9ecb1a.jpg(Chart: PERI via Grist)
  • A reminder that transit, and trees, are better job creators than fossil fuels (Grist)
  • "Before calls for a gas tax increase become deafening, DOT needs some
    real reform of the way it does business, prioritizing projects of real
    significance and managing for successful outcomes" (TNR’s The Avenue)
  • A look at Portland’s $613m plan for bike infrastructure expansion (CSM)
  • Political blogger hit by government-owned SUV making illegal left turn — and hit with a jaywalking ticket while recuperating with broken knee (Daily Caller)
  • Crime plagues Detroit’s new transit center (Free Press)
  • Maryland budget analysts want to siphon off $60m in transportation funding, to the chagrin of state transport officials (Balt Sun)
  • A local editorial board urges Alabamans: Get on board with high-speed rail (Plainsman)


Today’s Headlines

Republican Presidential Hopeful Pawlenty Wants to Privatize Amtrak (The Hill) Public Pays the Price for Privatizing Infrastructure (Politico) Google Robot Cars Would Promote Sprawl (Fast Company) NRDC’s Kaid Benfield: City of Detroit isn’t Shrinking, ‘Right-size’ the Suburbs (Grist) Corporations Realizing Best & Brightest Don’t Want to Work in Suburbs (The New Republic) New Book Tells […]

Today’s Headlines

“Trains Make All That Possible”: Light Rail Transforms Cities, Guides Development (NPR) Forget Peak Oil. Have We Hit Peak Travel? (Miller-McCune) “Start Now, Figure Out How to Finish Later”: Obama’s High Speed Rail Strategy (Time) Shoupian Parking Principles, Market-Based Pricing Come to Seattle (Seattle Times) Dallas Desires Streetcar Grant Shelved by Fort Worth (Dallas Morning […]

The Name Says It All: U.S. Senate Unveils the DRIVE Act

What does Congress envision for the future of transportation in the U.S.? Hint: The Senate’s transportation bill is called the DRIVE Act. Caron Whitaker at the League of American Bicyclists reports: As is evident in the acronym, The Developing a Reliable and Innovative Vision for the Economy Act, or DRIVE Act, is not focused on improving multi-modal transportation but rather […]

The American Bike-Share Fleet Has Doubled Since January

This has been an epic year for bike-share in America. According to a report from the Earth Policy Institute, the opening of Bay Area Bike Share yesterday brought the cumulative size of the bike-share fleets in U.S. cities to 18,000 bikes, more than twice what it was at the beginning of 2013. There are now […]

Grist: NYC is Not One of the World’s Greenest Cities

Grist recently produced a list of the world’s 15 greenest cities. Streetsblog favorites Copenhagen, Curitiba, London, and Bogotá all made the grade. StreetFilms’ posterchild Portland captured the number two spot right behind geothermal-powered Reykjavik, Iceland. San Francisco and Austin were the only other U.S. cities to make the list with Chicago meriting runner-up status. One […]