Today’s Headlines

  • Bad news for Big Oil in the White House budget, which seeks to axe $36.5B in subsidies — but will Congress go along? (TNR’s The Vine)
  • That $100m jobs bill, including infrastructure, that the White House is hoping for? It might look considerably smaller once the Senate acts, perhaps this week (Politico)
  • Georgia political heavyweights clash over the state’s lackluster high-speed rail showing (AJC Blog)
  • LaHood takes on the Washington Post’s edit board for its complaints about the lack of high-speed rail funding for the northeast corridor (DOT Blog)
  • Highway and transit contractors are deemed "winners" in the new presidential budget (WaPo)
  • An interview with Worldchanging editor and popular urbanist Alex Steffen (Grist)
  • California says "no thanks" to regulating electric-car charging stations (NYT Blogs)
  • Denver’s local editorial board calls for a postponement of sales tax increases to fund transit (D. Post)


Four Finalists For White House High-Speed Rail Funding?

That was the eyebrow-raising suggestion reported by the Orlando Sentinel today after Rep. John Mica (R-FL) helped mark the beginning of central Florida’s commuter-rail era, made possible by landmark legislation signed into state law this week. Rep. John Mica (FL), senior Republican on the House transportation committee (Photo: Orlando Sentinel) The Sentinel quoted Mica naming […]

LaHood, Biden Meet With Governors on High-Speed Rail

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and Vice President Biden met at the White House this afternoon with officials from 20 states in contention for funding as part of the Obama administration’s high-speed rail program. The high-speed Midwest Regional Rail Initiative’s proposed reach. (Photo: Michigan Messenger) "This is how the interstate highway system started, folks," Biden told […]