Today’s Headlines

  • Sen. Lincoln (AR) one of several Democrats backing a GOP effort to block EPA from regulating carbon emissions (The Hill)
  • Lester Brown: Amid rising hunger, the U.S. is feeding one-quarter of its grain to cars (Grist)
  • U.S. DOT to San Francisco’s BART: Address social equity concerns with your proposed airport transit line, or watch it lose stimulus money (Streetsblog SF)
  • Virginia’s new governor: no plan for transportation, but truckers love that he’s reopening rest stops (WaPo)
  • Data on transit’s job-creation potential — which you read here first — gets some big notice (Wired)
  • In Tennessee, Knoxville city officials mull the loss of their unused stimulus money (News-Sentinel)
  • In Wisconsin, legislators mull a half-cent sales tax increase that could be used for rail (Journal-Sent.)


Tell Congress: Don’t Waste Money on Highway Expansion

States should know better than to funnel more money into road expansion at the expense of maintenance. With President-elect Obama back in Washington, action is heating up again around the economic recovery package, which could total up to $850 billion over the next two years. As much as $100 billion may be at stake for […]

House Lawmakers Hail Transportation Stimulus — But Add Three Caveats

At a House transportation committee hearing today that marked the one-year anniversary of the Obama administration’s economic recovery efforts, lawmakers offered praise for the stimulus law’s impact on local infrastructure investments even as they hit upon three key areas of concern with its implementation. The Port of Los Angeles was shut out of the stimulus’ […]

Six States Seek Stimulus Aid to Add Rail to Congestion-Plagued I-81

Interstate 81 stretches for 846 miles through six states — New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Tennessee — and serves as a crucial corridor for freight traffic. But crucial doesn’t mean safe or enjoyable, and I-81 is an undisputed hotbed of traffic accidents. The safety and freight challenge that is I-81. (Photo: WaPo) […]

LaHood Reaches Out to Transit Industry, Lamenting ‘Lousy Economy’

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood sought to commiserate with the cash-strapped transit industry today, declaring the Obama administration an ally of local rail and bus agencies even as the "lousy economy" clouds prospects for passage of a new long-term federal transportation bill. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood (Photo: Getty Images) In an address to the American Public […]