Today’s Headlines

  • Oberstar urges Obama to back quick passage of his new transportation bill during a closed-door Dem meeting, to no avail — POTUS would only back general infrastructure investments (The Hill)
  • Will Democrat’s loss of their 60-vote margin in the Senate, and its subsequent consequences for climate legislation, hamper a global agreement on emissions? Nope, says the U.N. climate chief (WSJ Blogs)
  • Environmental groups begin pushing back against the notion that a Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) could derail climate legislation this year (NRDC Blog)
  • FTA chief’s message to Minnesotans: Our new, livability-centric transit rules don’t ignore cost-effectiveness (Pioneer Press)
  • A verdict could come soon in Pennsylvania’s pivotal push to toll I-80 (WJAC)
  • More on the Obama administration’s quiet environmental shakeup in its first year (Merc News)
  • Grants awarded to help boost work on an official U.S. Bicycle Route System (Bike Retailer)


New GOP Bill Would Bar Enviro Reviews from Considering Climate

Republicans on the Senate environment committee, who months ago began criticizing the Obama administration for evaluating federally funded infrastructure projects for their impact on climate change, today introduced legislation that would bar the White House from making climate a factor in environmental reviews. Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY), one of the new NEPA bill’s sponsors, holds […]

Could a New Kind of Fuel Tax Help Break the Senate Climate Deadlock?

Even before the Senate environment panel pushed through a GOP protest to approve its climate change bill, Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Joe Lieberman (I-CT), and John Kerry (D-MA) were working behind the scenes on a so-called "tripartisan" plan that can win enough votes in Congress’ upper chamber to make nationwide emissions cuts a reality. (from […]

Boxer Delays Senate Climate Bill Until September

This was supposed to be a big week for action on climate change in the Senate — but it’s ending with Republicans rubbing their hands in glee as the Environment and Public Works Committee delays its unveiling of legislation on carbon emissions. Senate environment committee chairman Barbara Boxer (D-CA) (Photo: AP) As Reuters reports this […]

Today’s Headlines

As environmental groups head to the White House for a meeting on the Senate climate bill, its unveiling pushed back by another week (Greenwire, Nat Jrnl) Democrats warn the Obama administration not to treat GM’s pension liabilities as its own (Det. News) House transportation committee members urge White House to roll back rule allowing Mexican […]

Who’s Afraid of Federal Action on Climate Change?

In financial reports that publicly traded companies file to their investors and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the words "material adverse effect" are often found. Automakers are bracing for new fuel-efficiency standards more than any coming climate bill. (Photo: TreeHugger) Put simply, the phrase is a red flag for any factor that could significantly […]