Today’s Headlines

  • Ahmedabad, India, wins the Sustainable Transport Award from the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (Express)
  • Freight rail industry has a mixed reaction to LaHood’s revamp of transit funding rules (Fleet Owner)
  • Why are politicians always so scared of the word "tax"? A scientific explanation (MoJo Blog)
  • Amtrak to add free wi-fi on the Acela … but it won’t be free for long (Erictric)
  • Florida high-speed rail boosters take their lobbying campaign up a notch (AP)
  • It’s time to update our definition of "green building" (HuffPo)
  • Washington D.C.’s Metro transit chief to resign in April (WaPo Blogs)
  • Georgia’s Republican governor says voters should get to decide whether to raise the gas tax to fund transportation (AP)


Image: Creative Commons

Study: Free Transit Helps Local Businesses

A new study finds that commuters with access to free public transportation don't drive any less — but they do take more leisure and shopping trips than those who have to pay their own fare, which could help provide local economies with the cash they need to provide a broader range of social services over time. 

Nets Look to Lure Fans With Free Gas

Given the New Jersey Nets’ lackluster season (34-48 record, no playoff berth), the franchise is taking a page from another under-performer to unload tickets for next year. That’s right: buy 2008-2009 season tickets and the Nets will return 10 percent of the cost in the form of "free" gas, which fans will presumably burn up […]

There’s No Such Thing as “Free Parking”

Free parking, it turns out, isn’t free. A new study by transportation guru Bruce Schaller finds that free parking in Manhattan’s Central Business district is responsible for a significant amount of New York City’s staggering traffic congestion. Schaller’s new study, Congested Streets: The Skewed Economic Incentives to Drive Into Manhattan (PDF), finds that free parking […]

Smoggy China to Observe World Car Free Day

The Financial Times reports that China’s cities will participate in this year’s World Car Free Day. These actions have a measureable effect. A recent study found that when Beijing ordered 800,000 cars off the roads for three days last year, local nitrogen oxide air pollution fell by 40 per cent. More than 100 Chinese cities […]

A Car-Free Experiment Rolls into Jackson, Mississippi

Today on the Streetsblog Network, news of a car-free week coming to Jackson, Mississippi. We heard about it from one of our newer network members, Jackson Bike Advocates: Cars are king in Jackson, but some are working to change that. (Photo: Ken Lund via Flickr) Let’s turn in our keys for one week and see […]