Today’s Headlines

  • Republicans still hammering away at the House jobs bill as it edges toward a stop in the Senate (AP)
  • Add Nebraska to the list of states considering a gas-tax increase to solve the frustrating puzzle of transportation finance (NP Telegraph)
  • GOP senators may not be able to stop the Obama administration from requiring that climate change be a factor in environmental reviews of federal transport projects (LAT)
  • One columnist asks: Why pooh-pooh America’s high-speed rail potential? (NYT)
  • St. Louis is poised for a transit-oriented development boom-let this year (STL Today)
  • Can one man’s dream of urban farming help revitalize Detroit? (Fortune via Richard Florida)


When Stop Signs Stop Working

Image: JaypeeOnline/Flickr When it comes to traffic signage, is less more? That’s the issue taken up by Ed Wagner of Tulsa Alternative Transportation Examiner, who was baffled by a wave of confusing new signs in the parking lot of his place of employment. Wagner believes the proliferation of stop signs in Tulsa has resulted in […]