Today’s Headlines

(ed. note. Sorry for the late posting — had some technical difficulties at Streetsblog Capitol Hill HQ.)

  • Transportation security is taking center after the attempted terrorist incident on Christmas Day, but the president’s nominee to lead the TSA is being held up by a GOP senator (WaPo)
  • Amtrak eyes faster trains as a top priority as it takes in a healthy round of funding from Congress (NYT)
  • A look at North Carolina’s case for federal high-speed rail aid (Citizen-Times)
  • Texas gubernatorial hopeful and current senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R) to unveil her transportation plan today … (Morn News)
  • … as one top state official suggests that Texas drivers should pay more to register their big pickup trucks (AP)
  • Chicago gives a New Year’s gift to transit riders: Rides for a penny (AP)
  • The top 10 transportation stories of 2009 in the Washington D.C. area … (WaPo Blogs)
  • … and Maryland’s top 10 transport stories of the decade (Balt Sun)


Montana Dem Max Baucus to Chair Senate Transpo Subcommittee

We at Streetsblog have been saying that the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee will be a key player in the transportation debate this session, counterbalancing the conservative House as they, together with the administration and the Senate Banking Committee, craft a six-year reauthorization. The EPW could play a key role in tempering House attempts […]

Would Dems’ Pledge for “Change” Bring Transportation Reform?

Hillary Clinton ad now airing in Southern California  This is part two of a two-part series on where candidates for president stand on transportation issues, authored by Streetsblog Los Angeles correspondent Damien Newton. Damien currently runs the blog Street Heat, which is soon to become Streetsblog L.A., our first foray into foreign territory. Damien was […]

Will Barbara Boxer Stand Up for Sustainable Transportation?

Behind the scenes, we’re hearing a lot of sustainable transportation advocates sounding alarms over California Senator Barbara Boxer these days. As chair of the Senate’s Environment and Public Works committee, Boxer is going to play a critical role in this year’s federal transportation funding effort. Environmentalists want to see transportation policies and funding formulas that […]

Voinovich: Business Buy-in Can Get a New Transportation Bill Done

George Voinovich (R-OH) may be the only senator who wants to forget about an 18-month extension of existing transportation law and move ahead quickly on broad reform. But that doesn’t mean he’s giving up. Sen. George Voinovich (R-OH), rendered by political caricaturist Kerry Waghorn. Getting business interests to work on methods for funding a long-term […]