Today’s Headlines

  • As Copenhagen climate talks wind on, a timely reminder that clean transportation can take the U.S. halfway to its emissions reduction goals (HuffPost)
  • LaHood gives Connecticut’s local high-speed rail effort a friendly nudge (News Times)
  • Michigan, home of the U.S. car industry, ranked second-to-last in the nation when it came to fuel-efficiency improvements achieved under the "cash for clunkers" program (Det News)
  • Oberstar says his six-year, $500 billion transportation bill is major unfinished business for 2010, but gives no specific timetable (Roll Call)
  • To help make midwestern inter-city rail reliable and fast, it has to stop competing with freight rail (Sun-Times)
  • Veolia, the French private transit company becoming increasingly popular in the U.S., enters a contract dispute with the transit agency in Austin, TX (American-Statesman)
  • Atlanta area county voters back a sales tax increase to pay for light rail, according to a new study (Access North GA)
  • Birmingham, AL, puts $9 million in transit upgrades on hold (
  • Boxer’s message to Copenhagen delegates: "America has already acted" on climate change (Roll Call)


FRA Chief: America Is Driving Less and Congress Needs to Catch Up

Speaking to reporters earlier today, Federal Railroad Administration chief Joe Szabo said that people are driving less and using transit more — and that those changes are permanent. “America’s travel habits are undergoing rapid change,” he said. It’s a fact, he said (“not opinion — statistically proven”), calling on Congress to show that it understands […]

TIGER V a Shot in the Arm for Livable Streets in Cities and Small Towns

Out of 585 applications, U.S. DOT has chosen 52 transportation projects in 37 states to receive TIGER awards totaling $474 million. The Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery program was originally an element of President Obama’s 2009 stimulus package. Although it hasn’t been reauthorized and many Republicans claim to hate it, funding somehow keeps being appropriated for […]