Today’s Headlines

  • A response to the New York Times piece claiming that America no longer builds ‘mega-projects’: We’re paying for them in the Mideast (Foreign Policy via Yglesias)
  • The Wall Street Journal quotes construction company chiefs lamenting transportation job losses and wishing for a "pavement fairy" — prompting LaHood to fire back (DOT Blog)
  • Oberstar says the price tag for a high-speed rail link between Duluth and Minneapolis-St. Paul is too high (MPR)
  • A new study says Denver area residents may never see the transit improvements for which they agreed to pay higher taxes (Times-Call)
  • Parking cash-outs: Environmentally healthier, and more accessible, than free parking (EDF Blog)
  • How green is your economic stimulus? Not very much, based on actual spending data released so far (Green Bldg Law Blog via NRDC)
  • Wichita transit authority using stimulus money to replace its old Ford cars with new hybrids (Eagle)
  • Lee

    RE: Yglesias response – is this not the exact same case that Obama made for his timeline for withdraw in his speech last night? ie. “a nation’s leaders can hurt the country just as easily by under-investing at home as by neglecting its defenses”.


LaHood Reaches Out to Transit Industry, Lamenting ‘Lousy Economy’

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood sought to commiserate with the cash-strapped transit industry today, declaring the Obama administration an ally of local rail and bus agencies even as the "lousy economy" clouds prospects for passage of a new long-term federal transportation bill. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood (Photo: Getty Images) In an address to the American Public […]

Today’s Headlines

Controversy grows over the Obama administration’s ill-starred attempt to count jobs created or saved by the economic stimulus law, including transport projects (Bloomberg, NYT Blog) Nominee for Amtrak’s board of directors says the train network needs better financial management ( Green transportation analyst: Let’s redirect unused infrastructure stimulus money to transit (Det. News) Untapped demand […]

The Challenges in Getting Transit Funded

One of the most unusual members of the Streetsblog Network is the Santa Rosa CityBus blog, written by staffers from the municipal bus system in that Northern California city and "intended to highlight for the public some of the activities, efforts and challenges of operating a bus system in a mid-size California city." It’s a […]

More Space for Parking Than Offices at Boston-Area TOD

A proposal to build new office and residential space near the end of Boston’s Green Line will also triple the amount of parking at the station. Photo: HelveticaFanatic/Flickr Another city, another would-be transit-oriented development undermined by a glut of parking. This time it’s Newton, Massachusetts, where plans are underway to build 420,000 square feet of […]

The Squandered Potential of Train Station Parking Lots

Yesterday we noted how MTR Corp. in Hong Kong rakes in cash from commercial properties along its rail lines. Meanwhile, the land right next to many American rail stations — especially commuter rail — is consumed by oceans of parking. And once commuter parking lots fill up, as they inevitably do, transit-oriented development is often […]