Today’s Headlines

  • A response to the New York Times piece claiming that America no longer builds ‘mega-projects’: We’re paying for them in the Mideast (Foreign Policy via Yglesias)
  • The Wall Street Journal quotes construction company chiefs lamenting transportation job losses and wishing for a "pavement fairy" — prompting LaHood to fire back (DOT Blog)
  • Oberstar says the price tag for a high-speed rail link between Duluth and Minneapolis-St. Paul is too high (MPR)
  • A new study says Denver area residents may never see the transit improvements for which they agreed to pay higher taxes (Times-Call)
  • Parking cash-outs: Environmentally healthier, and more accessible, than free parking (EDF Blog)
  • How green is your economic stimulus? Not very much, based on actual spending data released so far (Green Bldg Law Blog via NRDC)
  • Wichita transit authority using stimulus money to replace its old Ford cars with new hybrids (Eagle)


America Has a Terrible Traffic Safety Record Because We Drive Too Much

Even though the U.S. traffic fatality rate per mile driven has fallen by two-thirds in the last 50 years, America today still has the deadliest road system per capita in the developed world. Much of the improvement from safer driving and better emergency care has been wiped out by increases in total traffic. The American approach to traffic safety has emphasized seatbelt use, vehicle standards, […]

APTA: How to Talk to a Detractor of High-Speed Rail

Stop me if you’ve heard these before: “Most Americans don’t use railroads, they use cars.” “There’s no better example of excessive government spending than the $53 billion President Obama allocated for high-speed rail in his 2012 budget.” “Would you pay $1,000 so that someone — probably not you — can ride high-speed trains 58 miles […]