Today’s Headlines

  • Warren Buffett, newly minted full owner of the Burlington Northern railroad, says all cars on U.S. roads will be electric within 20 years (Seeking Alpha)
  • Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL), head of the new Congressional "Jobs NOW!" Caucus, says his members would be open to paying for a new transportation bill with unused money from the Wall Street bailout or the economic stimulus law (The Hill)
  • After the acrimonious health care debate is through, infrastructure could give Congress the opportunity for a truly bipartisan debate (G.F. Herald)
  • LaHood kicks off a national transport tour in New Orleans today (BayouBuzz)
  • An in-depth look at the rise of American high-speed rail lobbying … (Ctr for PI)
  • … and another meaty take on the foreign companies in the bullet train mix (GreenWire)
  • Has the nation lost the will to launch transportation "super-projects"? (NYT)


The Debate About Bike Infrastructure Has Been Settled

For decades, cyclists bickered amongst themselves about the efficacy and safety of bike infrastructure. With the proliferation of protected bike lanes in recent years, however, everyone can see that predictions about bike lanes making streets more dangerous for cycling simply didn’t come to pass. Network blogger Elly Blue at Taking the Lane says the debate […]

A Car-Free Downtown and Other Ideas From Portland’s Mayoral Debate

It’s always interesting to see what mayoral candidates say about streets and transportation in a public debate. Who’s done their homework on transportation policy? Who understands in their gut why better streets for walking, biking, and transit are good for the city? Which candidates are willing to take a stand on these issues while making their case to voters? Most […]

America’s Myopic Public Debate About Tolling Roads

Seattle is getting ready to embark on a construction project that will put the squeeze on a few of its major highways. This event, ironically, served as a jumping off point for local media to indignantly demand a tolling “holiday” on the SR 520 floating bridge. Martin Duke at Seattle Transit Blog said the episode illustrates […]

House GOP Is Back to a 90-Day Extension, Will See Debate Tomorrow

Another day, another another twist in the House’s efforts to pass a transportation bill. Yesterday’s postponed vote on a 60-day extension had initially been rescheduled for tonight, but that too will be scrapped, making it the third time the House has punted a vote on an extension in as many days. House transportation committee chairman […]