Today’s Headlines

  • Warren Buffett, newly minted full owner of the Burlington Northern railroad, says all cars on U.S. roads will be electric within 20 years (Seeking Alpha)
  • Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL), head of the new Congressional "Jobs NOW!" Caucus, says his members would be open to paying for a new transportation bill with unused money from the Wall Street bailout or the economic stimulus law (The Hill)
  • After the acrimonious health care debate is through, infrastructure could give Congress the opportunity for a truly bipartisan debate (G.F. Herald)
  • LaHood kicks off a national transport tour in New Orleans today (BayouBuzz)
  • An in-depth look at the rise of American high-speed rail lobbying … (Ctr for PI)
  • … and another meaty take on the foreign companies in the bullet train mix (GreenWire)
  • Has the nation lost the will to launch transportation "super-projects"? (NYT)


StreetFilm: Talking Transportation with Bob Kiley

Talking Transportation with Bob KileyProduced by Cicala FilmworksRunning Time: 13 minutes 7 seconds The debate over congestion pricing has been heating up in advance of Mayor Bloomberg’s big Earth Day speech tomorrow. What better time to get some talking points on the matter from Bob Kiley, who served as the Commissioner of Transport for London […]

Why Federal Efforts to Link Transportation to Climate Change Matter

Cross posted from the Frontier Group.  Twenty-five years ago this spring, I was a fresh-faced undergrad at Penn State enrolled in a course on existential threats to civilization, including climate change. We knew then (and yes, with a reasonable degree of certainty we did know) that emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases were […]