Today’s Headlines

  • Pelosi explains why DeFazio’s Wall Street infrastructure tax is on the table: "The downside is always felt by the worker and the upside is always realized by those who never seem to take a loss …" (HuffPost)
  • … meanwhile, the Speaker also signals openness to the "front-loaded" infrastructure proposal first floated by Durbin (Yglesias)
  • Officials from one California county plan to repeat a D.C. lobbying visit that cost upwards of $20,000 last year — and counted $25 million in federal stimulus money for road widening as its biggest victory (Visalia Times)
  • Pittsburgh housing development gets a $4.4 million green retrofit from the stimulus law (Post-Gazette via Specter Press)
  • Community Development Block Grants are looking like the unsung heroes of the stimulus, creating one job per $7,000 of spending, compared with a $56,000 per-job cost for other programs (The Avenue)
  • Massachusetts has approved $9 million in stimulus money to build a pedestrian bridge from the Patriots football stadium to a planned office complex development that’s now being used for parking (F-boro Reporter)


CBO Echoes Obama’s Candor on the Pitfalls of ‘Shovel-Readiness’

During last month’s White House jobs summit, President Obama carved out some common ground with critics of his first stimulus law’s $47 billion in infrastructure spending — which was distributed mainly by the book through state DOTs. "The term "shovel-ready," let’s be honest here, doesn’t always live up to its billing," he acknowledged. The CBO […]

LaHood Talks Budget: “Very Bright” Future for Infrastructure Fund

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said today that he sees "very bright" prospects for congressional approval of the Obama administration’s $4 billion National Infrastructure Innovation and Finance Fund, the new iteration of the long-discussed National Infrastructure Bank proposal. Transportation Secretary LaHood, at left, with the president. (Photo: NYT) "There is a great deal of interest in […]