Today’s Headlines

  • NYU professor Roubini, who publicly predicted the foreclosure crisis, says 11% unemployment will linger for years without more infrastructure stimulus spending (Daily News)
  • Federal government strikes down Boston’s attempt to reroute hazardous trucking cargo around the center city (Globe)
  • General Electric looks forward to riding the infrastructure stimulus gravy train — though some analysts say GE’s optimism may be misguided (WSJ)
  • General Motors sees the upside in a $1.1 billion third-quarter loss (NYT)
  • Prospects for a gas tax increase to fund Virginia transportation projects appears dead in the wake of GOP Gov.-elect Bob McDonnell’s recent victory (WTOP)
  • With friends like these…? Sen. Byrd (D-WV), who has earmarked more than $350 million for an Appalachian highway to be named after himself, urges the White House to pass a new long-term transport bill (Byrd Press)
  • Minnesotans christen their second rail transit line, the Northstar (MinnPost)


Stimulus Draft, the Day After

For everyone hoping that an $825 billion stimulus package might advance a visionary national agenda for sustainable transportation, yesterday’s release of a draft economic recovery bill didn’t deliver the goods. Nor did it include some pretty easy lifts, like the $1.7 billion for transit operations that the House approved in an earlier bill last summer. […]

Behind President Obama’s Call For More Infrastructure Projects

Tomorrow night, President Obama will unveil his jobs plan before a skeptical Congress. It’s unclear how much of the $300 billion proposal will go to infrastructure, but the president has said that will be a centerpiece of the proposal. An infrastructure bank and a new version of the expired Build America Bonds program could also […]

Did Team Obama Gut Transit Funds From the Stimulus Package?

Reporting on last week’s stimulus letdown — when a proposal by US Rep. James Oberstar’s Transportation and Infrastructure Committee for $17 billion in mass transit spending was slashed by the Appropriations Committee, while $30 billion in proposed allocations for roads and bridges remained the same — Grist got word that the then-incoming Obama administration may […]