Today’s Headlines

  • As Washington goes all-in for electric cars, one automaker places its bets on cleaner diesel fuel (Time)
  • A local editorial board calls on Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) to push Congress’ high-speed rail investment to $4 billion (Merc News)
  • U.S. DOT and the Federal Communications Commission team up to seek technological solutions to distracted driving … congressional action, meanwhile, remains up in the air for now (Net World)
  • Newsweek is "very pleased" to be co-hosting an energy briefing with the chief of Big Oil’s lobbying arm?! (TPMmuckraker)
  • Illinois governor skips meeting with transit officials on possible service cuts and fare hikes, heads to D.C. instead (Trib Blog)
  • jamie kendrick

    Given Tuesday’s election results, will the House/Senate leadership get it that “its the economy, stupid” and move forward with a bold transportation bill???

  • Mark

    “U.S. DOT and the Federal Communications Commission team up to seek technological solutions to distracted driving.”

    I enjoy the irony of using technology to solve a problem that was created by technology.


Talking Headways Podcast: The Logistics of Urban Deliveries

This week's guest is Tom Madrecki, director of urban innovation and mobility at UPS. If you want to know how a huge logistics company like UPS thinks about city streets and transportation systems, don't miss this one. Tom discusses the costs of congestion to UPS, and why streets that prioritize solo car trips don't work for walking, biking, or deliveries.

Ohio, Wisc. Rail Money to be Transferred to 13 Other States

Ohio’s and Wisconsin’s loss will be 13 other states’ gain. U.S. Department of Transportation announced this afternoon that nearly $1.2 billion in passenger rail money will be withdrawn from the states of Ohio and Wisconsin at the behest of their incoming governors. The money will be transferred to other states to support “high speed rail […]

The Definition of Automobile Dependence

Working for a failing automaker to make enough money to keep your beat-up, failing mini van rolling through your sprawled-out, failing city. From today’s New York Times story on escalating gasoline prices. For ordinary Americans like Phyllis Berry, a 31-year-old factory worker for General Motors in Cleveland, gasoline costs are starting to hurt. “I used […]

Today’s Headlines

Rep. Blumenauer Proposes Taking Oregon’s VMT Pilot National (Oregonian) Renewable Fuels Standard Could Get a Challenge (The Hill) CMAQ Will Pick Up 80% of the (Tiny) Cost of Chicago’s 645-Mile Bike Lane Network (WBEZ, Sun-Times) Vermont Comes Up $250M Short of Covering Maintenance Needs Alone (VT Digger) Wyoming’s in Trouble Too, And the Laramie Boomerang Thinks They Need to […]