Today’s Headlines

  • House Majority Leader Hoyer says Oberstar’s $450 billion six-year transportation bill should be fully paid for, but doesn’t mention how (Roll Call)
  • Transit systems nationwide are turning to hybrid buses (NYT)
  • Rush Limbaugh tells New York Times environmental reporter to "go kill himself and help the planet by dying" (Media Matters)
  • A dismaying, if unsurprising, dispatch from Detroit, where auto industry veterans are talking about planning for the green economy while hopefully repeating that "there will still be a giant need for new cars" (TNR’s The Avenue)
  • Dallas transit officials knew its light rail system wasn’t equipped for massive influx of college football fans last weekend, but kept promoting it anyway; hours-long delays were the result (Morning News)
  • CEO of major construction company Terex endorses Oberstar’s transport bill (Reuters)
  • Florida governor Crist, now a Senate hopeful, flips back to open advocacy of new commuter rail … for now (PB Post)
  • Big Oil crafts its strategy on climate legislation: Why spend money to avoid the consequences of pollution when we can "educate" ourselves on the threat? (Chronicle)