Today’s Headlines

  • Inside the frustration of Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), Congress’ livable-communities stalwart (NYT)
  • Transportation expert and former Bush-Cheney adviser Jack Schenendorf calls out today’s GOP: If Reagan and Eisenhower could preside over gas tax increases to pay for infrastructure, why can’t you guys get on board? (Williston Herald)
  • Sen. Mike Johanns (R-NE) takes some heat back home for being his party’s designated objector to using bailout money to close an $8.7 billion transportation contracting gap (Journal-Star)
  • The White House’s stimulus job-creation estimates are still just as fuzzy as ever … (ProPublica)
  • … and the jury’s still out on whether the stimulus’ investment in high-tech research will help the economy in the short term (NYT)
  • Sarah Palin’s back with a familiar energy policy mantra — "drill, baby, drill" (Nat’l Review)


EDC’s McDonald a Leading Candidate for DOT Commissioner

From today’s Crain’s Insider: Insiders say Joan McDonald, senior vice president of transportation for the city’s Economic Development Corp., is the leading candidate to replace Iris Weinshall as transportation commissioner. McDonald has a broad resume, having worked for Jacobs Engineering Group, the city Department of Transportation, the Assembly Ways and Means Committee and the Metropolitan […]

House Jobs Bill Answers Some Key Transportation Questions

The House jobs bill, expected to pass later today before the chamber adjourns for the holidays, includes a $75 billion infrastructure section that gives $27.5 billion to roads and $8.4 billion to transit, largely mirroring this year’s first economic stimulus law. The header of today’s House jobs bill: No one ever said they’re easy reads! […]

Today’s Headlines

House Democrats are eyeing a $450 billion price tag for their federal transportation bill but haven’t solved the revenue puzzle (WSJ) Obama administration’s new climate change report says transportation will affect the warming planet … but the warming planet also will affect transportation (NYT) Local transit agencies cheer the war spending bill for allowing them […]