Today’s Headlines

  • Streetsblog noted a strangely narrow debate over electrification at this week’s Senate hearing on climate change — but interesting economic themes emerged as well. Here’s a rundown (WSJ)
  • Transit-oriented development plans run into resistance from banks, which are accustomed to offering commercial financing for parking-centric proposals (SL Trib)
  • D.C. bus drivers mount a safety-centric rebellion of sorts, declining to let express buses pass local buses (Yglesias, WaPo)
  • The White House’s stimulus law has done "little to increase" highway spending over pre-recession levels … if you think $2.6 billion is little (Wash Times)


Portland’s Tilikum Crossing, a Bridge for the 21st Century

Tilikum Crossing, a new bridge across the Willamette River in Portland, is everything the hated Columbia River Crossing was not. While the CRC would have devoted billions to expanding car lanes and new highway interchanges, the Tilikum will serve only transit, biking, and walking. Matthew Nelson at Electric Urbanism says the fact that one bridge — the […]