Today’s Headlines

  • The Wall Street Journal editorial board and its, uh, actual reporters don’t see eye-to-eye on the climate issue (Grist)
  • Not a joke: Now that the developed world is consuming less of its oil, the Saudi government wants compensation (NYT)
  • The White House economic recovery effort is slated to release its first round of job-creation estimates and contracting data for the $787 billion stimulus … but a lot of info will be left out of this round (WSJ)
  • Reviewing Weyrich and Lind’s new book on why conservatives should support transit — because the government has already intervened enough in transportation policy (Politics Daily)
  • Chicago’s mayor says the city needs to rethink its policy of giving seniors free transit rides (AP)
  • Bombardier, which could help build high-speed rail in America, snags a $383 million deal for Italian electrified trains (Bloomberg)
  • The Bush administration knew in 2007 that CO2 emissions were a threat to public health, and the document it went to great pains to keep secret is now public (Greenwire)


Was TIGER Eliminated in the Shutdown Deal?

Soon after the government shutdown ended, we heard murmurs that the TIGER grant program for innovative transportation projects had been a casualty of the negotiations. Under the rules of the Office of Management and Budget, any program that was de-funded in either chamber’s bill would be de-funded in the continuing resolution (the temporary budget) until […]