Today’s Headlines

  • New report warns that airline delays will only get worse, and recommends high-speed rail to help replace shorter flights (AP)
  • Pittsburgh bus drivers run into trouble after handing out fliers warning about transit cuts that aren’t happening (Post-Gaz)
  • Copenhagen’s bike renaissance: brought to you in part by a 180 percent tax on cars (MoJones)
  • "Alaska’s congressional delegation will work to soften many aspects of the Oberstar bill" — yup, the folks who brought you the Bridge to Nowhere think the House transport bill pays too much attention to trains (Journ of Commerce)
  • Audacity of Help author John Wasik on the "fix-up gap" left by the Obama administration’s stimulus law (HuffPo)
  • Coke CEO says his company isn’t causing the obesity crisis, it’s Americans’ lack of physical activity — so does the business world have a new bike-ped convert? (WSJ)
  • How to make Congress’ yen to renew the new-home tax credit a little smarter (TNR’s Avenue)
  • Skeptical of electric cars … but passionate about dessert? Maybe this will change your mind (Wired)
  • Mark

    The sugar and fat pimps are now telling us to exercise? I can’t wait for the new AASHTO food pyramid.

    As much as I would like to see the CEOs of Coke, Krispy Kreme, and McDonald’s taking potshots at each other over who is more to blame for the country’s obesity crisis, I just don’t think that is going to happen. And I also don’t think I just read a letter on the WSJ’s Opinion page from the newest champion of bike-ped. What bike-ped does need to do is to start calling these food and beverage companies on their bluff: ask the to support complete streets, safe routes to school, fair share for safety, bicycle friendly workplaces, etc.


Trains, Buses, Bikes, and Sandwiches… There Should Be an App For That

Earlier today we brought you a story about a new and potentially dangerous technological innovation – Facebook in cars. To help end the week on a higher note, here’s some far more encouraging news on the transportation tech front. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority has partnered with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation in issuing a […]