Today’s Headlines

  • New report warns that airline delays will only get worse, and recommends high-speed rail to help replace shorter flights (AP)
  • Pittsburgh bus drivers run into trouble after handing out fliers warning about transit cuts that aren’t happening (Post-Gaz)
  • Copenhagen’s bike renaissance: brought to you in part by a 180 percent tax on cars (MoJones)
  • "Alaska’s congressional delegation will work to soften many aspects of the Oberstar bill" — yup, the folks who brought you the Bridge to Nowhere think the House transport bill pays too much attention to trains (Journ of Commerce)
  • Audacity of Help author John Wasik on the "fix-up gap" left by the Obama administration’s stimulus law (HuffPo)
  • Coke CEO says his company isn’t causing the obesity crisis, it’s Americans’ lack of physical activity — so does the business world have a new bike-ped convert? (WSJ)
  • How to make Congress’ yen to renew the new-home tax credit a little smarter (TNR’s Avenue)
  • Skeptical of electric cars … but passionate about dessert? Maybe this will change your mind (Wired)


Trains, Buses, Bikes, and Sandwiches… There Should Be an App For That

Earlier today we brought you a story about a new and potentially dangerous technological innovation – Facebook in cars. To help end the week on a higher note, here’s some far more encouraging news on the transportation tech front. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority has partnered with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation in issuing a […]