Today’s Headlines

  • Every state has committed half of their transpo stimulus money, but who’s actually started the most work? Wyoming, at 76%! But Florida’s at 2%, and Oberstar’s putting them on notice (Wash Times, Oberstar’s ofc)
  • "Cash for clunkers" extended by the Senate (WaPo)
  • Nadler’s got Oberstar’s back: "There seems to be a weakness on the part of the administration in terms of infrastructure …" (Politico)
  • LaHood continues his transpo tour, now heading to Maine (AP)
  • Why does Europe have such an easier time expanding passenger rail? (CSM)


Today’s Headlines: The Oberstar/LaHood Edition

LaHood revealed his plan to seek a short-term transpo law extension "a half hour before" Oberstar was scheduled to brief reporters on his new transpo bill (AP) Oberstar spokesman: "The chairman is not too pleased …" (NYT) Rep. DeFazio, Oberstar’s partner in crafting a new bill, warns the proposed extension could dilute the benefits of […]

Did Pelosi Just Side With Oberstar on the Transpo Bill?

That’s the implication of a Roll Call story today that states: "Momentum Builds for Transportation Bill." House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) (Photo: Here’s how the exchange in question played out at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) weekly briefing. Pelosi was asked for her position on a possible second stimulus bill, and she replied: I […]

New Report on Transpo-Health Dynamic Makes Case for National Targets

The link between transportation and public health, explored on this page days ago, is plumbed further in a report released today by PolicyLink and the Prevention Institute with an introduction by Jim Oberstar (D-MN), chairman of the House transport committee. The report brings together the key pivot points in the transportation debate, many of which […]