Today’s Headlines

  • LaHood stops in Seattle today to tout stimulus-funded light rail — but will he celebrate a second city’s streetcars while he’s at it? (
  • Harry Reid (D-NV) makes his choice known in the battle between two high-speed rail links between Vegas and California: No mag-lev for the Senate majority leader (LV Sun, LA Times)
  • The editorial board of Rep. Pete DeFazio’s (D-OR) home state paper backs his challenge to the Obama administration’s transpo policy (Oregonian)
  • Harvard econ professor Edward Glaeser accuses elected officials of over-infatuation with high-speed rail (Globe)


Could Rail be the Sleeper Issue in the Connecticut Senate Race?

After Sen. Chris Dodd’s (D-CT) retirement propelled popular Attorney General Richard Blumenthal into Connecticut’s 2010 Senate race, ex-Rep. Rob Simmons (R-CT) now faces a more difficult bid — one described by his own pollster as a "war of attrition." So it’s worth asking what role the state’s lengthy transportation to-do list will play in the […]

Senators Seek Rail Safety Funding in Aftermath of Metro Crash

Mere hours after the Washington Metro system suffered a shocking accident, two senior senators released a letter to their colleagues asking for $50 million in grants to improve rail safety technology. The scene of yesterday’s D.C. Metro crash. (Photo: NYT) The letter was sent by two chairmen with a central role in transportation policy — […]

Why Buy More Trains If You Can’t Afford to Run Them?

Down in balmy South Florida, D-Day is approaching for riders of the the popular Tri-Rail transit system. A looming $18 million shortfall has forced the Tri-Rail board to approve a budget that slices daily service and stops all trains by 2011 — although ridership has doubled since 2005. Tri-Rail trains like these could stop running […]