EPA Asks For Bike to Work Feedback, Inhabitat Gives Away a Bike


get a lot of Greenversations press releases over the transom and most
go right to the trash, in no small part because "Greenversations" is
one of the more odious portmanteaus
a government agency or corporation has yet proffered. Not quite as
annoying as the idea that Ray LaHood’s multi-modal transportation blog
is called the Fast Lane (stay tuned to Streetsblog for more on this), but close.

Today, however, the bloggers over in DC are hoping you’ll let them know
about your bicycle commuting habits, presumably so they can, umm…
count up the total number of commenters and see which ones ride to work
and which don’t and make a green bar graph, like last year, so that "maybe one of these days" one of their employees at Public Affairs will ride to work?

Anyway, join the "Greenversation" here. And pardon my Monday morning humor.

While we’re on the topic of portmanteaus, the good folks over at the
much-more-tasteful Inhabitat
also want your input on biking, though you
might get more than a green bar graph for your
efforts. If you can convince them that your current ride is so beat
that it’s cramping your style and making you a social undesirable, they
may gift you a new Strida folding bike, though I’m not sure Xzibit will be dusting the dirt off your shoulder at the end of the show.


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