Are Stimulus Funds Being Misused for New Jersey Roads?

Today on the Streetsblog Network, we hear about the possible misuse of stimulus funds for the widening of the Garden State Parkway and New Jersey Turnpike in New Jersey. Network member blog Mobilizing the Region, the voice of the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, reports that the TSTC has sent a letter to Gov. John Corzine about the matter:

widened_turnpike.jpgTSTC wrote to Governor Corzine stating that using federal Build America Bonds — authorized by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act — to pay for the expansion of the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway would violate federal law. The Build America Bonds were authorized by the federal stimulus package, and offer government subsidies on interest rate costs….

Projects that receive federal funding must receive federal environmental approval.  Neither the Turnpike nor the Garden State Parkway expansions have undergone federal environmental review. Therefore, neither are eligible
for federal funding.  Until now, both were slated to receive only state funding, so the cursory state environmental review was all that the law required.

The warnings were not heeded by the Authority. This afternoon, the agency released the bond offerings, totaling $1.375 billion.

This recent move again calls into question the legality of the projects. TSTC already has a lawsuit pending over the Garden State Parkway widening.

Other news from around the network: St. Louis Urban Workshop reports on the results of a study showing the devastating health impact of highways in cities; Twin Cities Streets for People links to some articles about just how our cities became so car-centric to begin with; and Bike Portland has the story of how Portland’s cash-strapped government is asking the public to help fund the city’s car-free "Sunday Parkways" events.

1 thought on Are Stimulus Funds Being Misused for New Jersey Roads?

  1. Under the “Smart Growth” principles we should be using that funding for redevelopment of older communities by reducing auto traffic and dependency through development of properties adjacent to NJ public transportation routes.

    This is an issue of great concern our case .

    We are a small non-profit affordable housing developer located in Egg Harbor Township Atlantic County NJ.

    We have a project pending funding in Tuckerton Borough of Southern Ocean County NJ.

    My question is simple:

    Is there support available from DOT for routing utility connections that cross under State Highways.

    Our problem has to do with 2 jack boring’s under NJ St.Hwy. 9 which are extraneous on our affordable housing proforma.

    If the funding was available from CSH “which is probably TARP” to purchase the property then where is the funding to support its infrastructure development.

    In towns as old as Tuckerton this type non-support from DOT and other state agencys is perilous to all future growth.

    Since Rt.9 is its sole major artery that supports all its commerce and residential access where is the teeth of the Affordable Housing Mandate?

    Small Developers like us who’s main objective is provide housing and services to the low and moderate income individuals and families, in this case Permanent Affordable Housing for Homeless US Veterans we look to provide access to public transportation and local businesses. Creating foot traffic for any city is vital we want to do our part!

    Where are the funds to support the infrastructure development? Widening the Parkway and Turnpike

    What happened to Executive Order 43 “Fix it first and Smarth Growth”

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